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Tri-city Iranian-Canadian Mini Soccer

We are inheritors of all the civilizations of all the many continents from which our multi-cultured population emerged to become Canadian."         George Ignatieff

Our mission is to promote healthy lifestyles through mini soccer & futsal games at our community from kids through adults. Our vision is to build community spirit and friendship through the popular game of soccer in our athletic and cultural events. Our goal is to increase in the number of kids an adults to participate in sport.​ TIMS / Tricity Futsal Academy offers indoor and outdoor soccer sessions to kids and adults during different seasons at Tricity area. We are committed to create a happy and enjoyable time for all participants in our programs. It is a unique opportunity for our community to attend our programs to play mini soccer games with each other for fun. We will make sure that our mini-soccer / futsal games are a friendly and healthy competition for everyone.

​​We are excited to announce that our 6th annual picnic day during Nowruz holidays at Tricity area taking place at Gates Park, Port Coquitlam on April 5, 2020 - We not only trying to promote mini soccer / sport in our community during the event but also celebrating Picnic Day as a cultural and athletic event. At this day, we are celebrating our Sizdah Be-dar festival with a day of sports, picnic, food, music, dance & other fun activities so our kids can enjoy to participate at our cultural event.  This day also known as Nature Day which Persian people traditionally spend time picknicking outsides. Thanks to the City of Port Coquitlam for supporting and allowing us to use the beautiful Gates Park for this amazing annual event.

Thanks a lot The Councilor of the City of Port Coquitlam (Laura Dupont) for her great support, here are some of her words about our annual event:

"Sizdah Bedar is a wonderful Iranian family celebration of Spring! I’m so impressed with my friend Medi Tavassoli who does an incredible amount of work to coordinate the entire event and host a day of sports, delicious food, music, dancing and various activities"