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Tricities Mini Soccer / Futsal Tournament is trying hard to ensure that soccer has to be played and enjoyed in a safe and positive environment. That is why we have created some Codes of Conducts that provide a respectful and fun environment for all participants. TIMSF requires all Participants to exhibit good sportsmanship, including fair play, ethical behavior, integrity, generosity, and genuine concern for others. Regardless of their role in a sport or activity, all Participants are expected to be aware of their influence on the behavior of others, and to exhibit good sportsmanship. We all have a responsibility to promote high standards of behaviour at the game times.
The mini soccer and futsal tournament has a zero-tolerance policy for bulling, physical fighting, inappropriate behaviour (verbal or physical) and anything that is harmful to other players. The official of the game has the right to expel players or participants immediately for these actions. 
When playing soccer, always respect your team-mates, the other team-mates, the referee and the officials.
Always respect the match officials decision and play by the rules as directed by the referee. 
Any abuse of referees, officials or volunteers will not be tolerated. Unsporting behaviour is unacceptable during the festival.

In this mini soccer tournament, we will set up a mini soccer (futsal) type games. We will split the teams to different groups of 4 teams in each group. These 4 teams will play with each other in a series of short games. The two winners teams with more points will go to next round and two losers will play to be eliminated.

Player Conduct: The following misconducts result in an accumulative foul and a direct free kick for the opposing team: Pushing, Tripping, Obstructing opponents, Slide Tackling, Kicking or Elbowing.
General Rules: No throw-ins, only kick ins - No off sides - Ball is out of play when the whole ball crosses the touch line - Defending team must be 5 yards away from the ball on all kick-ins, corners and free-kicks. If the ball hits the ceiling, play is restarted as a kick in against the team who last touched the ball. Yellow cards will be given out at the referee’s discretion. If any player is given 2 Yellow cards in one game, it will result in a Red Card and the player is subsequently expelled for the remainder of the game + (2 minute power-play). If a player is given a straight Red Card, he is expelled from the game and may be subject to further ban at the tournament. 

No shoulder charges or sliding tackles, no offside rule.
Restarts; The ball can be kicked in from the point where the ball goes out.
Points will be awarded as follows; Each winning team gets 3 points for a win. In a tie game, 1 point for a tie.​ Each losing team, gets 0 point.

Code of Conduct / Rules

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